Wiktor Jasiński: “I lack riding time”

Fot. Patryk Kowalski

Arged Malesa Ostrów Wielkopolski won two home matches. The third one, against H. SKRZYDLEWSKA ORZEŁ Łódź, was interrupted after six races (new date is June 7th). Wiktor Jasiński managed to appear on the track once during this time, but after the start of the season, he has some thoughts. However, he is hopeful for a better future.

We saw the rider already in the inaugural race. In it, he brought zero ‘points’, although his start was quite successful. However, on the first curve, he was forced to ride on the outside, which in Ostrów Wielkopolski at the beginning of the match leads to significant losses. – I had a good start, but there was no space for me near the curb, so I went wider. And in the first race, if you go wider, it’s ‘game over’ and that’s what happened. It was okay. Maybe I slightly missed the settings for this engine because it was a different engine, so some adjustment had to be made. We made it, but there was no possibility to test it. Since we were losing by six points, the coach decided to rely on Chris Holder, who theoretically had better chances of scoring ‘three points’ and he brought them. It was a good substitution for the team. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the opportunity to test those settings – said the graduate of STAL Gorzów.

The speedway rider is full of hope and believes he has already found the optimal settings for his motorcycle. However, he still lacks ‘riding time’. So far, he has only competed for ARGED MALESA Ostrów Wielkopolski. He also has a contract in the Allsvenskan, which is the second tier of competition in Sweden, but before the match in Łódź, he hasn’t had a chance to compete for Gislaved Speedway. – I hope that I have more or less found these settings. I don’t yet have that fluidity in riding because I currently ride only here in Ostrów. I don’t have the U24 Ekstraliga, and I haven’t yet had matches in Sweden. More riding will surely come in the next days and weeks. Currently, I lack riding time on the tracks where we race. I came from the Ekstraliga, and there we raced on more sticky tracks. My engines were set up for those tracks, and here on a more concrete surface, sometimes I struggle to keep up – concluded Wiktor Jasiński.

ARGED MALESA Ostrów Wielkopolski next match will be on Sunday (May 26). The opponent will be CELLFAST WILKI Krosno. The start is scheduled for 2:00 PM.