Free and official app of PGE Ekstraliga – The Best Speedway League in the World. With it, you will receive live results of all matches on your phone along with text reports from each race!


Detailed real-time match reports with notifications and comments, as well as Junior Match activation and Red Bull Junior Aces

Eliga Manager

Original production of PGE Ekstraliga – managerial game in which you run your own speedway team and use the real results of speedway riders in matches

Typer PGEE

Konkurs z rozbudowanym modułem typowania wyników drużyn w sezonie, wyników meczów w danej rundzie, najlepszych zawodników oraz wskazanych par zawodniczych i czasów


Statistics of teams, players and fixtures in real time, comparison of riders, detailed data from 2007 for the whole league


Real-time electronic measurement of times, distances, speeds and overtakes for PGE Ekstraliga


Speedway events in Poland and around the world in one place: date, place and time of start as well as TV broadcasts