Debut in the PGE Ekstraliga by Bartosz Jaworski (interview)

Fot. Klaudia Żurawska vel Dziurawiec

Bartosz Jaworski didn’t have to wait long for his chance. The ORLEN OIL MOTOR Lublin rider stood under the tape in a home match against NOVYHOTEL FALUBAZ Zielona Góra. In the nominated race, he arrived at the finish line in the last position, but for any young rider, a debut in the world’s best speedway league is a demanding test.

Aleksandra Sagan ( ORLEN OIL MOTOR Lublin defeated NOVYHOTEL FALUBAZ Zielona Góra 56:34. This match will definitely stay in your memory as you made your first laps in the PGE Ekstraliga. What are your impressions?

Bartosz Jaworski (ORLEN OIL MOTOR Lublin) I am very pleased to have been given a chance to appear on the track. I hope there will be more such opportunities. The first experience has been gained.

You usually compete in the U24 Ekstraliga. Now you can make a comparison. What differences would you mention between these two competitions?

I don’t see any differences in physical or equipment preparation. In youth competitions, I am more relaxed. Obviously, my performance in the PGE Ekstraliga was a debut, so the tension was greater. However, I tried to find calm within myself.

Where does this tension come from? From the stakes of the competition or the belief that you are under the tape with the best speedway riders in the world?

I think the class of the riders is one thing. It’s about the whole environment, the atmosphere in the stadium. There are a lot more fans than at youth competitions. I need to get used to it.

Photo by Klaudia Żurawska vel Dziurawiec

Watching post-match materials, it can be seen that ORLEN OIL MOTOR Lublin is a united team. Do older colleagues willingly share their experience with you before the competitions?

I can always ask the boys for advice, and they are happy to give me tips on how to set up the motorcycle.

In an interview for, team manager Jacek Ziółkowski assessed Bartosz Jaworski’s performance, revealing details about his future. – The last two weeks for this rider have looked very good. When it comes to the lack of points, the most important thing is that he has made his debut. I hope he will get rid of the stress associated with the debut – he announced.

In the composition of ORLEN OIL MOTOR Lublin, the junior positions are permanently covered by Wiktor Przyjemski and Bartosz Bańbor. Does the coaching staff plan to make changes in the rematch matches to provide a chance for Jaworski? – It’s too early for such steps. Last year, we did the same with Bartosz Bańbor. He rode for half a year under number 8 or 16. He got his chance and took it. This tactic brought success and for now, we do not intend to change it – concluded the manager of the Lublin team.

Aleksandra Sagan