The HEROES Foundation donates a modern ultrasonographic aspirator to the Clinic

The HEROES Foundation has once again decided to support the Oncology and Pediatric Oncology Surgery Clinic for Children and Youth in Warsaw. The cooperation between these entities has been ongoing for 15 years, ensuring that young patients affected by cancer can rely on the use of the latest technologies in the treatment process. On the International Childhood Cancer Day, which falls on February 15th, the Clinic has enriched its facilities with another device, an ultrasonic aspirator, which will contribute to the success of life-saving procedures.

This equipment represents the latest achievements in the field of oncological surgery, offering a less invasive method for removing tumors located in areas where traditional surgical methods may be too risky. Ultrasonic technology allows for the selective destruction of cancer cells with minimal impact on surrounding healthy tissues, significantly improving the quality of life for children after surgery.

The purchase of this equipment would not have been possible without the generosity and support of donors to the Foundation. Among those who contributed to this initiative were betting companies such as FORTUNA, which donated funds collected through the “Fortuna when the stands are full” campaign. The bookmaker pledged one Polish złoty for each spectator who attended matches of the Fortuna Liga 1, speedway PGE Ekstraliga, Legia Warsaw, and Radomiak Radom during the campaign. Other friends of the Heroes also contributed to the purchase. Actor Michał Meyer donated his entire winnings from the program “The Last Laugh” to support the beneficiaries. Ultramarathon runner Szymon Makuch, who ran nearly 1000 km through the highest mountain ranges during the KarakoRun race, also contributed. Additionally, the wonderful mothers of Szymon and Mateusz, beneficiaries of the Foundation who are no longer with us, decided to donate the funds collected through individual fundraisers to support the Clinic’s equipment.

Since 2009, the Heroes Foundation has been supporting children with cancer. It covers the costs of non-refunded treatments, purchases specialized medical equipment, and provides rehabilitation and treatment. The Foundation accompanies patients at the Oncology Clinic of the Mother and Child Institute in Warsaw. Its main goal is to ensure the longest possible period of funding for targeted chemotherapy, which enables young patients to return to health away from the hospital bed.