FOGO UNIA faces a tough challenge. KRONO-PLAST WŁÓKNIARZ seeks points (preview #LESLUB and #ZIECZE)

Fot. Ewelina Włoch-Wrońska

The first Friday meeting of the PGE Ekstraliga will take place on the track in Leszno. The local FOGO UNIA will face the title defenders and current table leaders, ORLEN OIL MOTOR Lublin. In the next match, the competition moves to Zielona Góra, where NOVYHOTEL FALUBAZ will face KRONO-PLAST WŁÓKNIARZ Częstochowa. Both clashes will be broadcast on ELEVEN SPORTS 1.

FOGO UNIA Leszno, plagued by injuries, does not have an easy task. In the 5th round, they faced last year’s Polish runners-up, BETARD SPARTA Wroclaw, away, and the next match will take place on their home track against the champions – ORLEN OIL MOTOR Lublin. Despite the positive impression left by the young and fierce, Nazar Parnitskyi and Keynan Rew, Leszno will have a very difficult task.

ORLEN OIL MOTOR Lublin once again secured victory, scoring over 50 points in the match. Fredrik Lindgren, however, cannot be satisfied with his performance. Although he was unbeaten after the first two heats, he suffered a bike defect in the third, and in his fourth race, he finished last. Nevertheless, the team from Lublin is complete, and what the senior riders may struggle with, the juniors have a chance to make up for.

24.05, 18:00 FOGO UNIA Leszno – ORLEN OIL MOTOR Lublin
Studio: Anita Mazur, Tobiasz Musielak
Commentary: Michał Korościel, Marcin Kuźbicki
Reporter: Kinga Sylwestrzak

Referee: Rafał Kobak
Track Commissioner: Paweł Stangret

In the second match, the fifth-placed NOVYHOTEL FALUBAZ Zielona Góra will face KRONO-PLAST WŁÓKNIARZ Częstochowa, who are currently last.

The newcomer to the PGE Ekstraliga is having a very good start to the season. They have so far earned 3 points and currently occupy a position that qualifies them for the play-offs. Despite losing the match in Lublin, they have reasons to be happy. An excellent performance from Jarosław Hampel, who scored 13 points, and Rasmus Jensen, who brought 10 points and a bonus to the finish line. It’s also worth noting Michał Curzytek, who is very effective in the role of a joker.

KRONO-PLAST WŁÓKNIARZ Częstochowa still occupies the last place in the table, having only 1 point. They haven’t had the chance to increase their point tally as their home match against KS APATORWI Toruń was postponed to May 28. Mikkel Michelsen might be boosted by his victory in the Grand Prix tournament in Landshut and can once again become the leader of the team from Częstochowa.

24.05, 20:30 NOVYHOTEL FALUBAZ Zielona Góra – KRONO-PLAST WŁÓKNIARZ Częstochowa
Studio: Marcelina Rutkowska-Konikiewicz, Rafał Dobrucki 
Commentary: Marcin Musiał, Maciej Markowski
Reporters: Joanna Cedrych, Tomasz Lorek

Referee: Arkadiusz Kalwasiński
Track Commissioner: Krzysztof Gałąździuk

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