Plans of Energa Wybrzeże Gdańsk

Similarly to Wednesday, Thursday’s training for Energa Wybrzeże Gdańsk has also been cancelled. Speedway riders from the seaside will practice in Gniezno, and on Saturday they will have a friendly match against the local team, Ultrapur Start.

‘The weather is what it is, lacking sunshine and warmth. It’s difficult to prepare the track after rainfall, especially since it retains a lot of moisture after the winter. The track isn’t in such a bad condition that we can’t strive to prepare it. As long as I saw a chance, we took on this challenge both on Wednesday and Thursday. The weather is variable, and despite our efforts, we had to accept that ultimately, we wouldn’t manage. Hence the decision to take advantage of Gniezno’s hospitality on Friday, with whom we’ll compete in a friendly match on Saturday. We will attempt another visit to the track in Gdańsk on Sunday,’ explains manager Eryk Jóźwiak.

Schedule for Energa Wybrzeże speedway riders for the upcoming days:

Thursday Leicester Lions – King’s Lynn Stars, Premiership, England, 8:30 PM – Niels Kristian Iversen Oxford Spires – Sheffield Tigers, Premiership, England, 8:30 PM – Nicolai Klindt

Friday Training in Gniezno, 1:00 PM

Saturday Ultrapur Start Gniezno – Energa Wybrzeże Gdańsk, friendly match, 3:00 PM

Sunday Training in Gdańsk, 1:00 PM

Photo: Wybrzeże Gdańsk S.A.