The best heats of 15th round PGE Ekstraliga 2022

Fot. Ewelina Włoch-Wrońska

Mikkel Michelsen breaking through two riders from Leszno, the fight between Patryk Dudek and Bartosz Zmarzlik on the importance of a match victory, or maybe Mateusz Świdnicki’s charge? We’re remembering the best heats of last round and we’re inviting to select the best from their on official our Facebook profile.

Bieg 15. rundy PGE Ekstraligi

1⃣ #LESLUB 2⃣ #TORGOR 3⃣ #WROCZE Wpiszcie w komentarzu, na któy bieg głosujecie 👇#PGEEkstraliga

Posted by Speedway Ekstraliga on Tuesday, August 23, 2022