Press conference before match #LUBGOR

Fot. Klaudia Żurawska vel Dziurawiec

On Sunday (August 7) at 19:15 as part of the 14th round of PGE Ekstraliga, which ends regular season, the #LUBGOR match will be held. A press conference ahead of this meeting is scheduled for Friday (August 5) at 1:00 p.m.

The match between MOTOR Lublin and MOJE BERMUDY STALĄ Gorzów will be the match no. 56 in the 2022 season of PGE Ekstraliga and will end the regular season of this year’s tournament. A press conference ahead of this meeting will be held on Friday (August 5) at 13:00 and will be broadcast on the official YouTube MOTOR Lublin channel and on the profile of the Lublin team on Facebook. Maciej Kuciapa, coach of the team of the leader of PGE Ekstraliga, and Dominik Kubera, will take part in the conference.