Eliga Manager: important information for players before the start of the 6th round

Already this coming weekend, the sixth deal of cards in this year’s PGE Ekstraliga and 2nd Metalkas Ekstraliga.

After the recent transfer window, the game will increasingly rarely forgive any slip-ups, and every point can be akin to “gold” or, if you prefer, a high position in the general classification. Before this round of matches, it’s important to remember a few crucial points.

First and foremost, it should be noted that in the previous round, two matches each in the PGE Ekstraliga and Metalkas 2. Ekstraliga were canceled. In game terms, this means that the line-ups chosen for that round have been “frozen” and will be binding on the new dates provided by the governing body of both leagues.

For PGE Ekstraliga, the date is May 28 (Tuesday), when the matches EBUT.PL STAL Gorzów – ZOOLESZCZ GKM Grudziądz and KRONO-PLAST WŁÓKNIARZ Częstochowa – KS APATOR Toruń will be played. The rescheduled matches in Metalkas 2. Ekstraliga will take place on June 7 (Friday). The competing teams will be ARGED MALESA Ostrów Wlkp. vs. H. SKRZYDLEWSKA ORZEŁ Łódź and #ORZECHOWAOSADA PSŻ Poznań vs. ABRAMCZYK POLONIA Bydgoszcz. The line-ups chosen for the sixth round will not apply to the above-mentioned matches if there have been any changes compared to the previous one.

The second important piece of information for players is that in Metalkas 2. Ekstraliga, the 6th round is spread out over time. Analogous to the situation in the previous paragraph, this means that the line-ups virtual managers choose now will also apply on June 9, when the round is completed. The reason for this situation is the SGP qualifying rounds in Lonigo and Žarnovica. In this case, Saturday, which is the natural day for two matches in Metalkas 2. Ekstraliga, will be occupied by international competitions.

As for the competition itself, as always, players have a few conundrums to solve. One of them is the form of Tai Woffinden (BETARD SPARTA Wrocław), who had a very poor start to the season but scored 13 points and 1 bonus in the last match against FOGO UNIA Leszno. We remind you that Woffinden had a very low and attractive (KSM) coefficient during the last transfer window. Another point of wonder could be the form of Andzejs Lebedevs. The Latvian, representing the Leszczyński team, slightly disappointed expectations during the competition at the Olympic Stadium in Wrocław, but again may aim for a good point score on his track. It is also worth considering whether Lebedevs will ride in the match against ORLEN OIL MOTOR Lublin from a tactical reserve, which in reality means troubles for the hosts of this match, but for Eliga Manager players quite the opposite—a chance for additional points. Many questions can arise and be associated with various names, such as the Pawlicki brothers (NOVYHOTEL FALUBAZ Zielona Góra) or Jason Doyle, who has recently been shining in the Grand Prix series but has yet to confirm his better form in the league.

The same applies to the back of the best speedway league in the world. Spurred by the defeat to INNPRO ROW Rybnik, the Krosno CELLFAST WOLVES will have to manage without their leader, Dmitri Berge. The Frenchman will be sidelined for a longer time due to injury, so his substitution in the announced game line-ups is mandatory. The match in Poznań also promises to be interesting, where the local team #ORZECHOWAOSADA PSŻ will face the Rzeszów TEXOM STAL. However, we remind you that to settle the points from this match and the entire round, we will have to wait until June 9.

Rafał Martuszewski